Nicaragua, a great tourist destination in Central America

By Raúl Gavarrette O.

Nicaragua, located in the middle of Central America, is the largest country in the area with a population of about five million and a land area of 130,700 square kilometers. Situated between Honduras and Costa Rica, Nicaragua has access to the Atlantic Ocean on the East, and the Pacific Ocean on the West. Along both coasts, beautiful beaches and spectacular views are to be enjoyed. There are two big fresh water lakes: Xolotlan Lake and the Cocibolca Lake. The Cocibolca Lake is the eighth biggest lake in the world. Granada is a colonial city situated on shores of big Lake Cocibolca; there you can enjoy the islets known as Isletas de Granada with tours leaving from Puerto Asese and Cabaña Amarilla. In the big lake there are other Islands near San Jorge port known as Ometepe Island and an archipelago near San Carlos known as Solentiname Archipelago. This big lake Cocibolca flows into the Nicaraguan Caribbean through the Río San Juan. Nicaragua has been blessed by nature for having the biggest amount of active and dormant volcanoes, fresh water lakes, untouched forests and crater lakes in the whole region. After decades of political military conflicts, peace was finally established in 1990. Since then, Nicaragua has been gaining a good reputation for being a stable, democratic and a safe country for investors and tourists. Since 1990 thousands of travelers from many countries have visited Nicaragua and have enjoyed not only the climate of peace, reconciliation and safeness but the beautiful yet undiscovered cities and sandy tropical beaches this Central American country offers. Its rich history, friendly, simple and hospitable people, colonial cities, indigenous culture, volcanoes, lakes, exotic islands and unspoiled sandy beaches have turned the country, in the last decade, into one of the hottest, safest and most exciting Central American destinations. Nicaragua, a beautiful tropical country with a great biodiversity, an incredible multilingual, multicultural and multi ethnic population, and a great vocation for poetry, traditional music and literature has a lot to offer among the wide variety of locations such as the green mountains and coffee farms in the North; beautiful beaches and colonial cities on the Pacific, fantastic archipelagos and islands in the Big Lake Cocibolca; peaceful rivers and virgin jungles on the Atlantic region as well as exotic islands on the Caribbean Sea. Rio San Juan, a Nicaraguan huge river, offers beautiful jungle destinations on shores where there are ecological hotels. The Islas del Maíz known as Corn Islands are a great paradise on the Nicaraguan Caribbean. With no doubts, Nicaragua is a great destination! Enjoy it! Courtesy of Escuela de Español “Proyecto Lingüístico Inter-Cultural”,