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Nicaragua Spanish School Blog


Spanish Student Comments

Nicaragua spanish classes"Raul is an excellent Spanish teacher capable of adapting to the needs of the student, whether the basics for a beginner, or more advanced lessons for those with experience. His style of teaching is relaxed and friendly, yet structured in a manner conducive to understanding practical, usable Spanish. He was not only my instructor, but became my good friend. I highly recommend learning Spanish from Raul."

          - Frederick Rossie (USA)

"I lived and worked in Managua and took Spanish lessons from Maria Elena and Raul for several months in 2001. I highly recommend them as teachers. They have very good technique and materials, are intelligent people, and are very pleasant to have as teachers. In fact, I had Spanish lessons from many teachers in Guatemala and El Salvador, and Maria Elena and Raul were the best teachers I had in Central America."

          - Mark Johnson (USA) mrmarkjohnson@hotmail.com

"I had the pleasure of taking Spanish lessons in Granada in my study abroad program with my University in the spring semester of 2004. I came away from those classes with not only having a much stronger grasp on speaking and understanding the language, but I was also able to relate to and interact with the people better than I ever thought I would. I was able to use my Spanish knowledge to get accepted into a volunteer program in Mexico the next year at the Don Bosco foundation."

          - Keith Slininger (USA) keslininger@hotmail.com

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